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Mailing address for all correspondence:
Manhattan Orchid Society, Inc.

PO Box 231581

NYC, NY, 10023

If you have comments or questions, please write us at the above address. We welcome all such correspondence.

If you are interested in or have a question about orchid culture, please attend a meeting. Please also read our site for information, visit the American Orchid Society website, or even join one of the many Facebook groups about orchid culture. Better yet, come to a meeting!


Board of Directors

  • PRESIDENT - Neil Kim

  • VICE PRESIDENT - Christopher Satch

  • TREASURER - Gary Vellenzer


  • MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY - Cameron Williams

  • SOCIAL MEDIA - Ernesto Gagarin

  • EDITOR - Elena Gaillard

  • TRUSTEES - Patti Lee, Jim Freeman, Maurice Garvey, Amy Ohe

Email us below:

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Our meetings are HYBRID, in-person and via Zoom.
If you are a member
in good standing you'll receive the link and password each month, and you can show up to our usual meeting spot at the LGBT Center on 13th x 7th Avenue.

If you are not a member, you can request a one-time guest invitation, or simply show up to an in-person meeting.

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