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Sure you can find a lot of orchid information on the Internet... but how reliable is it? You can find articles written by experts, but can you match their growing conditions? Join a society, and you’ll meet fellow hobbyists and get to know them and their plants and how they meet growing challenges. Our members include some very skilled orchid growers happy to share their secrets of success. Talk orchids with fellow New Yorkers, swap information, have some wine, enjoy your hobby more than ever!



MOS aims to promote the knowledge and cultivation of orchids. We specialize in the needs of home growers and hobbyists. We hold monthly meetings and publish a monthly newsletter.

MOS is run solely by volunteer effort, the Board of Directors and other members. Members range from people just starting out with their hobby, to people with years of experience, and others with a professional interest.

Attend MOS meetings and get an orchid “fix” every month! Enjoy the Show Table where members show off their blooming orchids. Don’t be shy! Bring in your blooming plants too!

Each month we have a speaker or presentation that will further your orchid education, featuring topics of particular interest to indoor hobby growers with windowsill, lights or small greenhouses.

There is sometimes a raffle with plants, supplies, magazines or books. Members may also have plants for sale. And you can help fill our Hospitality Table with snacks and beverages.

Our annual June Fundraising Auction features amazing plants from high-quality nurseries, and is always a lot of fun! It helps pay for rent and speakers. Our annual December Holiday Party is a "thank you" to our members.

The monthly newsletter contains meeting notices, local orchid news, and growing tips. 


The Manhattan Orchid Society was founded in 1979. It was a lot harder for home indoor hobby growers to get useful orchid information then: a lot of the books and American Orchid Society articles were still geared to greenhouse owners. We have always emphasized and encouraged the ingenuity of the urban indoor grower with windowsills, lights, sunrooms, balconies, fire escapes and rooftops. Experienced growers from other parts of the country are often amazed at the variety and quality of plants our members grow!

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