The Manhattan Orchid Society presents: 

2020 Manhattan Orchid Workshop

Orchids in Your Life


Dates to be Confirmed

This weekend workshop will explain orchid growing in the home to beginning growers,
taking orchids "beyond the box store"! 

We'll also explain how various orchids from around the world are used in
everyday life. From food (Vanilla) to perfumes (Cattleya & Dendrobium)
to aesthetics (Phalaenopsis) and more, we will highlight the importance of
the orchid family and orchid conservation. 
There will also be local orchid nurseries selling plants. 

A percentage of the proceeds will go towards orchid conservation and research. 

We welcome any generous donors (we are tax deductible)
or volunteers (we are super friendly) to assist with this workshop.

Please join us and share this page to help support our event.